Friday, March 13, 2009

What We've Been Up To....

It has turned out to be a dreary, cold, wet week. Hopefully this will be the end of the "wintery-like" weather, but we certainly needed the rain. (Especially my baby plants I just put in the ground---God's timing was perfect!) 
Because I want to be in better shape for Sunny Riggan's wedding in mid-April, I have been doing more arm workouts (I want Michelle Obama's arms!) and trying to watch my intake of empty calories. I have been on a kick in the last two months or so drinking those 100 calorie cans of Coca-Cola..... So random, considering I have never really been a big soda drinker growing up. Anyway, I am--for the moment--keeping a food diary for Weiss and I to monitor what we are eating and how much exercise we are getting. If I stay faithful to jot down what I eat/drink, I'm sure it will help; it's much scarier seeing the list of stuff you've eaten on paper than just shoveling it down the hatch... ANYWAY--this leads me to my next story.
I told you I am also keeping track of my runs/exercise and the like in the diary. Because yesterday was so dreary and cold, I didn't leave the house for a run. The day before I took Weiss out in the jogging stroller, but yesterday was way too cold, coupled with the wetness in the air. So after we got home from Mom to Mom, I tried doing a "Pilates type" home workout with DVD and a bar with stretchy cords attached for your feet. After about 10 minutes of this, Weiss kept laughing, so I had to stop. (Yes, he was really laughing at me!!!!) I figured I could try again after Weiss went down for the evening. However, I also thought on a full stomach after dinner, my lack of willpower would probably get the best of me and I would poop out on my exercise. So I just decided I would clean house. And man, did I get on a tear! I vacuumed, mopped, did sheets, the laundry, washed rugs, scrubbed toilets/showers, dusted, and even cleaned the blinds! I also have sooooo many books lying around in our bedroom and bathroom area, so I cleaned all of these up and reorganized my vanity and Logan's, as well. I put new globes on our light fixtures. I moved a chair and ottoman that had been our temporary furniture in the living room back to our bedroom, where it was "supposed" to be. I got out a new rug and put it in the bedroom. I was really getting after it. And man, today, I am so glad I did. I am actually sore from all of the "exercise" I got! (I'm going to count it as such, because I certainly did not have time to sit down since I did this all afternoon!)
Anyway, while I was exercising, I was going through the house in an ancient pair of shorts (from high school cheer camp, orange with paint spots on them from painting the half-bath) and a turquoise sports bra. To top it all off, I had pulled my hair back with a tacky headband and put a bright green "Queen Helene Mint Julep" face masque on, which I left on my face from noon until my shower last night at 9:00 PM. (What?!?! I was staying at home all day....) Anyway, I hear the doorbell ring. I step out into the hall. The UPS man sees me in all of my glory. I run back to the bedroom to throw a shirt on over my sportsbra. (I have no clue why he didn't just leave the package after seeing me and go--it wasn't anything that had to be signed for or anything.) Anyway, so I go back to the door--WITH a shirt on--saying, "You sure do see everyone in all their glory..." Anyway, later my neighbor comes by to give us their contact info for when they are on vacation this week. (I wasn't embarrassed this time because I learned my lesson and had a shirt on over my sportsbra.....Even though I still had my Martian green masque on, it wasn't as big of a deal. And it was Russell, whom I know.) 
So Logan gets home late yesterday evening. Weiss was already bathed and dressed for bed. I didn't tell him how hard I had worked cleaning, but he opened up the bedroom door and his eyes bugged out of his head. (In Loganspeak, that means he's impressed with what he sees...) 

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