Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Logan's BIRTHDAY!!!!

Yes, today is April 1st, or better known as April Fools' Day. And it's also LOGAN'S BIRTHDAY!!!!! He is 27 years young today, and so Weiss and I want to wish him a very happy birthday. (And as everybody knows, birthday's aren't as much fun during the work week, but his office staff in Austin had a little impromptu party for him and so will his Marble Falls staff later today, so he'll get some love at work! And of course, we will have a small family party, too!)

Anyway, Weiss has been so funny this week and man, he is REALLY talking. Logan was playing with him tonight and crawling around, chasing after him. Logan would then lay face down on the carpet. Weiss would say, "Daddy, please get up! Get up, Daddy!" He was also making overdramatic hand/arm motions to show Logan "how" to get up, as well as jumping around. (I call him my little "televangelist" because he acts just like John Hagee, even though I am a fan!)

Weiss and I went on a nice 3.2 mile walk this afternoon. When we got back home, I also wanted to be productive today in the yard and get some more sticks and things picked up. However, Weiss did not want to have any of it. He wanted to stay inside and watch "Elmo's World." He was saying, "Elmo hands and feet, Mommy!" He meant he wanted to watch the "Elmo has 2 Hands, Feet, and Ears" episode.

We made some Central Market pumpkin tortellini tonight--which, I might add, for those of you with kids, is EXTREMELY yummy, kid-friendly, and organic--and Weiss pulled his step stool up to where I was cooking and said, "Mac-roni and cheese, Mommy?" It was so cute! I tried to explain we were going to eat tortellini....tell that to a 2 year old!

Weiss is very interested in gingerbread houses, and it was late February before I finally threw out the Christmas gingerbread house. Well, I found an Easter gingerbread house for us to make, and Weiss saw the box and got REALLY excited. We'll be making it soon, and so I'll have to update with a picture......

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Mark & Terra said...

Hi Courtney! Tell Logan HAPPY BIRTHDAY from the Caswell's. I don't think I have all of y'all's updated cell numbers. Would you send me yours, Cinda's, and Logan's? Love yall!