Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sweet Berry Farm and Something Not So Sweet....

Checking out the new baby goat with "Sweetheart" and Mrs. Glenna.
Weiss is finally understanding what the word "Cheese" is for.......
Starting to pick the berries...... Can you tell he's already been eating them????

Hello, all! We have had a fun week so far, however, as of yesterday and ESPECIALLY today, the lovely spring weather has transformed into cold, wet, wintery weather (low 40s and mid 30s tonight... It's not supposed to freeze, and I certainly am hoping so, because I have now planted nearly everything in the ground!). On Sunday, we went to church--groggily, due to Daylight Savings Time--and came home for leftovers. We went to church Sunday evening and Pastor Steve Peace of Marble Falls FBC resigned after 8 1/2 years of service. Please keep this church in your prayers; we are not members yet, but are visiting there, and pray for a visionary pastor who can lead the church and its future generations forward. Please pray for Steve and Celia and their future church home, as well. Weiss and I got home and began planting. Little did I realize it still gets dark early until LATER in the spring. Oh well.... We still got a lot accomplished! 
Monday morning, Weiss and I woke up and went out to Sweet Berry Farm. I have gotten to know Mrs. Glenna Copeland through choir/piano, and she is such a kind woman with an effervescent personality! She took us to see the baby goats and showed us exactly "which" strawberries to pick. Weiss had a great time riding in the wagon, checking out the goats, and picking berries. He---or should I say "we"---have already eaten two pounds worth, so we are planning to go back at the end of this week if the weather gets better! As for the "something not so sweet" I mentioned in the title of this post, Weiss had a blowout on the way home, in his carseat. I thought this was only reserved for those parents with sick kids or newborns.... Boy howdy, was I wrong!!!! I had to take apart the carseat and clean it all out, not to mention give Weiss a bath right when we got home! Weiss took a long nap and then Kaili came over to keep Weiss so I could go to YoungLife. There was a great crowd of kids there on Monday; we had a "Scottish Games" night, complete with kilts, bagpipe music, a cabor toss, and tug-o'-war.
Tuesday morning was Kingsland Bible Study, and it RAINED when we were there! Awesome! We had been praying for rain, and it came during the lesson. We took a jog in the jogging stroller when we got home, and Weiss seemed to have a good time. It was nice and cool, upper 60s. We had a nice and relaxing day and spent lots of time in the late afternoon out in the frontyard. Weiss has really been enjoying sidewalk chalk. 
In the middle of the night, I woke up because of all of the noise from the wind and rain. This cold front that is here today hit, and it was QUITE cold outside! However, when Weiss and I got up, it was cold, but with no rain. Oh---and he has a new trick. Whenever he has a dirty diaper, he has to tell me, "yucky, Mama" or "gross" or "stinky, Mama" or something of the like. However, Weiss has figured out his own way to check his diaper HIMSELF. The way the parent traditionally checks diapers out--you know, using your index finger to look down the back of the diaper to see if there is a "surprise" inside-- has been mastered by Weiss. He now uses his hand/finger(s) to show me or Logan what he is hauling in the back of his diaper. So when he says "Yucky, Mama," he is backing up to me, pulling his diaper top by his bum back for me to take a peek. (Yes, it is gross, and yes, this is a sign we need to start potty training.) This is all fine and dandy, except sometimes he sticks his finger(s)/hand in a little too far...... You get the idea. (Hey, I know this is graphic, but I am using this blog to document all of Weiss's little details for him so I will remember them when I am a little old lady. And YES, I want to remember even the gross stuff.) Sorry about the random thought interjection. That's the way I work. Anyway, WHY am I telling you this?!?! Because he did this first thing when he woke up this morning. I had to clean him up before our jog.
SO---We took another jog around the neighborhood with the jogging stroller, in the cold. (I'll have a future post about that.....) Weiss didn't want to wear a jacket, but I forced him to. He saw me get his hooded Texas Tech sweatshirt out and he began saying, "no jacket, Mama, no jacket!" When we got home, he looked like Rudolph. It was colder than I thought! We got home, cleaned up, ate lunch and headed to the library. He is busy taking a nap at the moment. I have some pictures here from the strawberry patch.....

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