Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Little Man Is Out of Sorts and Locked Out, AGAIN!

Hello, all! This week I have been savoring my time with Weiss because it seems like he grew just the few days he was with my parents! He is now putting several words together, trying to construct complete sentences. It seems like it happened overnight..... Dickey and Cinda came over for dinner last night, and we were looking at pictures from Christmas. Weiss was looking at the Christmas tree in the background. He said something like, "Green Christmas tree is all gone now..." I told him we would bring it back out to celebrate Jesus's birthday next year. He said, "Green Christmas tree out for Jesus's birthday next time?" He mimics everything you say, and it is so funny, entertaining, and heartwarming.
Yesterday was Bible Study Day. I was debating whether to go or not because Weiss was feeling out of sorts. Since he came back from West Texas, he has had the runny nose junk and now he has been pulling at his ear. His ears have not been able to pop because of his sinus pressure, so I went to the health food store and got some colloidal silver to put in his ear. He is remarkably better today, but yesterday, before I secured the remedy, this was not the case. I was getting ready, debating whether to take him to Bible study. I had a tight white tank on--it was to go UNDER another top I was wearing. (Basically, I was "nonpresentable" without the outer layer on.) Regardless, I was getting ready to make some phone calls to see about Weiss's ear. He was all dressed, and so we stepped out in the backyard to let Zoey out quickly before we left the house. (Mind you, it had been drizzling all day and was STILL drizzling....muddy, too.....) I close the door behind me because bugs are really bad here around the lake, so things are always buzzing into the house, which is annoying....

The door locks.

There is a deadbolt and a regular lock on the doorknob, and we never lock the doorknob lock. I guess Weiss was playing with it and turned it.....

So we are locked out---AGAIN---for the SECOND time this year (see the January 1st post). The front door is locked because we had not yet opened it for the day, and Logan used the "secret" key to open the house last week, and I sat it on the bar....

So I am really flustered. I pause and think. Should I break out a window? I had my pruning shears outside, so it could be done. What would be more "cost effective---" the locksmith, or breaking a window?

I decided to call the locksmith.

I went next door, to my neighbor's. I called the locksmith, and about 30 minutes and 55 dollars later, we were back in the house. And I'm also pretty sure the locksmith thought the way I was dressed is the way I dress EVERYDAY.

After I made myself more presentable (i.e. put another layer of clothes on), we go run some errands and head to the health food store for some sinus/ear things and some snacks. Weiss has a major meltdown in the store. He was grabbing his ear. We get home, eat, and he's better. (The great thing about him not feeling so well is that he snuggles and takes extra long naps, which I love.) During his nap I got several things accomplished in the front yard, and after his nap, I even pressure washed the back porch, which was LONNNGGGG overdue. After his nap, Weiss played with this new Step 2 sand and water table, which he absolutely loved!!!! He didn't know what to think of the sand at first, but he grew to love it!!! (He doesn't like things on his hands....) We then went to Meadowlakes Park in the jogging stroller and then walking with Bridget Slyker and her precious daughter, Susanna. She and Weiss were funny to watch in their strollers side by side.

We got home and had dinner with Dickey, Cinda and Logan. Weiss was glad to see him.

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