Friday, March 20, 2009

Lions, and Tigers and COBRAS---Oh My!!

ARGH!!! I've been intending to blog all week, but just never got around to it. Weiss and I left for Merkel last Sunday afternoon since it was Spring Break week here in Marble Falls and all activities were cancelled. I got to see lots of people I had not seen in awhile: the Whiteheads (just happened to run into them--Robert, Becky, Heather, and her little girl, Josie), the Hunts (Freddy, Linda and Brian), the Bellahs (everyone except Chase--who was at college and Pierre the tortoise--he's still hibernating), Monty and Debbie Howard, and Brother Jimmy and Dorothy, who was our pastor who recently retired. (And Mom---if I'm forgetting anybody, please let me know!!!!)
We all went to the Abilene Zoo on Monday, and Weiss had a great time. He was all about running around and being a toddler. They have recently done some renovations, and the snake/reptile/insect exhibit was moved to a new building called "Creepy Crawlers." We go in. And you know, every time I have seen snakes on display, they are usually not doing much. They're always curled up in a ball, or maybe you'd see an occasional flick of the tongue. Not with the Moroccan cobra, however. That snake was moving around all over his cedar-lined enclosure. They had some clay pots in the glass enclosure, I guess to make it look more "Moroccan-ish." The snake would crawl in and out of the pots, and it is amazing to see. However, that's not why I'm mentioning the snake. Weiss went up to the glass enclosure of this particular snake, and because of his size, his head was ground level for the snake. The cobra, seeing only Weiss's head at HIS eye level, rose up, even FLARING HIS HOOD OUT. Mom and Dad had moved on ahead to another animal, and I began saying, "get the camera, get the camera!" By the time Dad got the camera ready (lens cap taken off, camera turned on, flash turned on) the cobra had put his hood back down. As a mom, this was VERY freaky because cobras only flare their hoods when angry, excited or intimidated, and Weiss made him feel bizarre enough to flare his hood out. Anyway, thank heavens for the glass and several inches that separated that venomous snake from my Pookie Bear. We saw other animals--giraffes, a jaguar, bears, a panther, lions, and the Abilene Zoo is getting a white tiger, which will hopefully be there the next time we go! Afterwards, we ate at one of my favorites, Chick-Fil-A, which I am majorly missing here in Marble Falls. Weiss had a great time playing in the children's play area afterwards, for about 30 minutes or so. That child has endless energy!
On Tuesday we went to the Grace Cultural Museum's Children's Museum. Weiss LOVED this.... He ran around like a wild banshee, climbing all in their toddler area. He was NOT ready to leave, even having a major meltdown. We had a quick lunch and ran some errands afterwards. That evening, we all went back to Abilene, meeting Monty and Debbie Howard for dinner at Logan's Roadhouse. (Weiss called them "Mommy and Daddy," which I thought was funny. Hey---that's kinda the way their names sound, huh?) When we got home, he was NOT ready for a bath. He heard me running the bath water, and he was stripped down to his diaper. He got behind Dad's chair, against the wall where I could not reach him. To bribe him out, I asked, "Can I have a hug and kiss?" He came out with a smile, saying, "No bath? Okay!" He then proceeded to give me a big hug and kiss. We all cracked up. (He often does that---Weiss will ask a question and then answer his own question. "No milk? Okay.") 
On Wednesday, I left Weiss to come back to Marble Falls to get some work done around the house. I cleaned when I got home and grocery shopped. On Thursday, I worked in the yard and painted some of our bedroom. Thursday evening, there was the "premiere" of Logan and Dickey's temporary office at the Gateway building. The Marble Falls Chamber of Commerce hosted an open house for the entire building, which is a new medical office complex. There is a husband/wife doctor's office, a place for skincare called the "Skinstitute," a hospice office, Logan and Dickey's office, and Hill Country Pediatric Dentistry takes up the second floor with our friends, Dr. Bobby Walker (Steve's office manager), Dr. Steve Hernandez and my friend, Dr. Hannah Burns. (aka "Phia's Mommy"). It was a fun evening and a good time to meet and greet. Although the office is beautiful, this is their temporary location; the new office is right down the road on the corner of 1431 and 281, overlooking Lake Marble Falls. Anyway, enough about that.....
Today I have been doing homework and getting stuff done around the casa. I will post some pictures soon of Mr. Weiss. Mom and Dad are coming tomorrow to keep him here until Sunday, BECAUSE..................

Logan and I are going to the ELTON JOHN and BILLY JOEL concert!!!!!!!!

Yes, two of my most favorite performers of all time, performing TOGETHER and singing TOGETHER!!!!! I have seen them play together in 2002 and I saw Elton alone in Vegas in 2004, but Elton and Billy are BACK!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!
And no, I don't care if they play exactly what they played in 2002; I'm just gonna be glad to see them!!!!!! I'll keep you all posted!!!!!!!!!

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