Friday, March 27, 2009

Funny Little Things....

Because Weiss is talking more, he says some funny things. At least once a day, I am brought to tears of laughter because of something he says. I constantly am laughing at him. I absolutely LOVE this stage....errr, well, THAT part of it. (Granted, there are tantrums at times, he wants to run around and explore in public places, and also the "fun" diapers right before potty training....those are the minuses.) My point: I forget the little things he says, so I MUST document them. I was on the phone with Mom and Dad last night and I couldn't remember something he said yesterday morning! How sad!

--Weiss drinks almond milk (a non-dairy beverage) that comes in a carton. He LOVES chocolate milk, and we always have to add chocolate syrup to the vanilla almond milk. When I don't have the vanilla flavored almond milk in stock, I usually have a carton of chocolate almond milk. However, when he sees this carton with brown on it instead of the white/vanilla carton, he says, "Yeah! COFFEE!!!" He is convinced he is drinking coffee. It's really cute!

--When I am disciplining Weiss, he tries to avoid eye contact. To make sure we are understanding each other, when he is really in trouble, I squat down to his level and take his face in my palms and say "Look at me.... You need to _____." Anyway, when he really wants my attention, he takes my head in his palms and says, "Momma, look at me. Look at me...." It is the funniest thing because he is very serious, just as I am when I address him when he's in trouble.

--Weiss gets "amen" and "the end" confused, so he just says "amen" for everything. At the end of books, "Aaaaa---men!!" When we eat, even if we forget to pray sometimes if it is chaotic, he usually says "aaaa--men" before he eats. It is precious.

--Instead of "open it," Weiss says, "Openick!" Everything is "openick, openick," and he rarely says "close." He still hasn't got it quite yet.

(I'll have to think of some more things, but right now it's naptime, and I'm needing a nap! I'll update this list at a later date... :) )

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