Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weiss Has Found a New Obsession....

Not much has happened this week.... We went to the park this week and enjoyed feeding the hissing and tempermental Canadian geese, choir practice, Mom to Mom, piano lessons with McKenna, and dinner with the Burns family. We always enjoy getting together with them, (which has been a while!) and Weiss loves "Fia." He gets so excited to see Sophia and Gabriella/Gigi/Giggles. (Hannah, I had to refer to all three names because they are sooo cute!) Anyway, we had a new recipe Sherry (Lexy's friend from church and and our running buddy) for sweet potato chicken chili, which was really, really good and really healthy. Anyway, I was supposed to go to a baby shower last night, but the grandparents were out of town and my babysitter was busy. Logan was at a Rotary event, and so Weiss and I went in to Austin. I had a major Chick-Fil-A craving (I MISS IT SO MUCH) and wanted to go to Baby Gap for Weiss. My goal was to do the errand really quickly and then go to Chick-Fil-A. Weiss had fallen asleep, so I thought this would work. However, he woke up at Barton Creek Mall and was hungry ("I hungee Mama!"), so we ended up eating at Nordstrom's eBar. He messily ate a chicken salad croissant (I forgot how good "real" croissants are!), cream cheese brownie, and a pomegranate shake. (Well, we split the meal.) A mother/son date! 
Today I got up and ran 9.3 miles with Lexy and Sherry. Well, they went a full 10, but I stopped at Lexy's mailbox because I hadn't run in TWO WEEKS!!!! I am NOT going to do that to myself again; I am going to run more this week. However, we had a good time, and I have the "runner's high" again. I came home, cleaned out my car and vacuumed it. I washed the floormats; they got soup on them from the Coleman's meal sitting in the floorboard the other day. We then cleaned up and went to Gabriella and Casey Burn's "dual" birthday party. Weiss started out in not so great of a mood; he was not too happy with Logan for going off and leaving. (Logan had the annual Rotary Golf Tourney today; this weekend was full of Rotary festivities.) He finally stopped crying and whining and wanted the kitty cat cake Hannah's mother had made. I got to meet all of Hannah's family, which was great. There were many little girls there, and Weiss was the only boy! We got home, took a long nap, and went outside to plant some more. We got 10 hollyhocks and some canna bulbs planted. Tomorrow we have much more to plant....Yesterday I planted 5 rosebushes, so everything is coming along. Now, only if it will rain..... Thank goodness we have a sprinkler system at this house, because my efforts would be futile if we didn't---but "free" water would be nice. Pray for rain all across Texas..... Weiss and I had planned to go to Merkel this week to go see my parents and also to the Grace Museum and the Abilene Zoo, but they got "busy" in the funeral home. We plan to leave next Sunday. 
As for Weiss's new obsession, I got a DVD in the $5 bin at Walmart with four episodes of the Doodlebops. I had seen them flipping through the Disney Channel before, and some of my friends have mentioned their kiddos watching. I didn't realize how ANNOYING they are until I watched them!!!! Especially the blue one!!! Weiss saw this DVD for the first time yesterday, but he BEGS for it now! "Doole Bops, please Mommy!" I thought Barney was annoying, but this group takes the cake. Mothers, beware! It's mainly music and it does promote eating your vegetables and sharing, but it drives me loca! 


Katie K said...

Okay, now you have me curious about the chili recipe! A new post perhaps?

Courtney Stanley said...

Katie, I will post it on here! That's a good idea not only to share, but so I won't loose it in a paper pile somewhere!!!!